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how do you have internet access if you're technically in another dimension?

OK to be honest figuring out the whole wiring my internet to work across separate dimensions thing was NOT touch and go whatsoever and it is still quite a bit finnicky and i definitely couldn't take it apart and do it again so the point is that it's working now and that's all that matters lol

why are you on the internet?

it's fun duhh. and i gotta watch seinfeld

will you ever post pictures?

i wish i could but i dont have a camera!!!!! my computer is uhh i think an old desktop dell i dug up in the purg so it doesnt have a webcam or anyhing. if anyone can figure out how to get a camera across dimensions and also how to make it show up in html i will 100% take a picture for you but until then i'm just waiting till something shows up in the purg lool

what is NRM/the purg/yuhiak?

please refer to the glossary page for definitions :)

what's your real name?

it's really hard to spell out in english so just call me rook pls :3

do you know tinkerbell/puck/the tooth fairy/etc?